Video Discussion: "Office Build Episode 1 - The Exterior"

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I thought it was well made

But seriously, I think one of my favorite parts was making the Jib “Cantina” song parody. I found a MIDI file for the original Star Wars Cantina song online and just replaced one of the main trumpet tracks with a sampler that I plugged Jason’s voice line into (learned this trick a couple years ago when working on the Fireball Tools Make Music video). Made for a fun edit, gotta cram as many Star Wars memes in while we can (don’t get me started on all of the Lego Star Wars sound effects…)

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That song haunted my dreams for a few nights. Great vid tho!

Wow, I can’t wait to see the finished space port in your next video. I am not sure what is more impressive, the video or the office.

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Jason, you blow me away with outcome of your office build! Amazing how it all turned out, very talented and thoughtful.