What Do You Think About Siegmund's New Bench Vises?

Have you guys seen the new bench vises that Siegmund released? They have three sizes and I’m curious to know what you think about them!

What do you like about it? What would you change? Let me know below


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Looks very nice but I don’t see a need to be able to move and lock in a vice on a fixture table. Makes more sense to find a place for it that you can use it regularly at. At least for myself.

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I don’t like how this vise looks. It feels like a copy from a hitch vise!
Also, seeing how the rear jaw is hanging that far makes me nervous too!

What I’d love to see is would be a low profile/foot print 2 piece vise that uses a concept similar to the tooth block for the moving jaw (to shorten over all length need for the acme screw…then a t shaped fence block that has a spot for a ball lock bolt for the stationary jaw…aka a simple version of their press Table Press for Clamping and Straightening - System 28 Welding Tables – Siegmund Welding Tables USA (An Official Division of Quantum Machinery)

I want something low profile I can quickly remove and carry with one hand a middle ground between a hold down clamp and a vise that can travel with me around the table or be used in pairs

The solid model rendering video is slick. But the vice needs to be tested, Fireball style.