Why are you changing the Hardtail Vise handle?

I’ve been been told the multiple times that new vise owners are replacing the hardtail vises original engineered handle for a longer solid bar. Is there no trust in the original handle to help the vise perform at peak performance? Jason

Not sure. Came here to purchase this new vise but it appears to have been discontinued? How come??

@Rufus Due to the high demand for the Hardtail vise it’s only available for pre order. Basically 100 bucks reserves your place in line when a vise becomes available.

Thanks Jason, any estimates on when they will be available? Are you going to ever make that tilt plate available for this vise? I cant figure out if that would be a good addition for a vise or not?

@Rufus We expect to have vises in stock this fall. The tilting base is planned for production. It normally takes a year for it to be ready.

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Will the tilting base be similar/or the same design as you made it in the youtube video? I have a fixture table with 4"oc/28mm holes, and I would like to bolt the tilting base to the edge of the table.

Jason, are both balls threaded onto the bar, or just one side? Not needing to change the handle for length, just thought about replacing the ends with something a with a little more girth.

Only one side is threaded.

Some people probably think more=better. Some people might not not be as strong, older guys and people with disabilities, and might want to be able to put the same pressure as someone strong and extra leverage will help get them there. I do have to admit a longer bar does feel nicer, and you don’t have to yank as hard. I’m sure others will though.