A true torture test for the fireball vise

I’ve been watching Jason Marburger struggle testing the limits of the Hardtail Vise with the hammer. I would think a great idea at testing how strong the vise is and its strength, would be to donate one to a highly reputable firearm channel on YouTube. Have them securely mount it to something heavy. Then place maybe a 16"×16" or larger AR500 steel plate in the vise.

Then have them shoot the plate with a variety of different caliber rounds. If the Hardtail Vise can withstand a .50Cal round continue to shoot the plate with .50cals until the plate comes loose or something on the vise comes loose.

Heck, there are some channels that have access to rounds even larger than .50cal.

I believe this would be a much more interesting video then testing it with a hammer, and having to stop and repair or rebuild a different hammer system.


That would actually be pretty entertaining to watch.


you have a 50 cal we can borrow?

I wish I had one. But then you’d have to send ME the vise. Lol. $5,000 for a rifle plus $100 per round trumps the Hardtail Vise price. Lol

I bet you guys could find a YouTube gun guy in Idaho or Montana somewhere that might be open to a collaboration if you decided to choot some plates.

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Pretty sure, as big as Fireball Tools is, they could EASILY find a credited firearms channel. Just to name a few.

Garand Thumb
Edwin Sarkissian
Kentucky Ballistics

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Garand Thumb is in Washington anyway I think.

Btw, 50 caliber isn’t $100/Rd. It’s expensive, like $5+ per round, but it’s not totally insane.

The rifles are more like $8,000-10,000, though :grimacing:

Yeah, I was WAY off on the round cost LOL
But the Bushmaster and Armalite cost roughly $4,000-$5,000.

I didn’t know about those. I only ever looked at Barrett and DesertTech when it comes to the high caliber stuff. $4,000-5,000 seems suspiciously low but that’s cool if there are lower cost options now. The suppressor for it alone is like a ton of money.

Yeah, I totally regret not buying one when I got my VA backpay. Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Ah well. lol

Idk, it’s hard to get out and practice with a .50, not to mention how expensive the glass for one of those would be for something good for the distance.

Definitely!!! But just imagine owning at least the Bushmaster :rofl:

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I dig it, I just don’t know if I like the idea of 25lbs of rifle haha (at least I think it’s around that). I’d definitely take a SCAR-H over it personally, but I’ve always liked how they shot.

I have the Armalite AR-50 A1, it weighs 38 pounds, cost $4600 and steel core full metal jacket rounds were $4.35 including freight.

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haha the fact that I was that far off on the weight makes it so much worse. That sounds like fun. Where do you get out and shoot it? There aren’t that many ranges with that much space and few people have that much land.

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I live in Nome, Alaska and the local sportsman’s club has a range about 8 miles out of town with 8 lanes on the range. The longest lane is 200 yards, all with high gravel backstops.

Oh, man, you don’t even get to stretch it out at 200, considering I shot small objects with irons as a kid at that distance. Are there no 1,500yd ranges near Nome? I’d like to visit Alaska someday. It looks absolutely beautiful.

No extra long rifle ranges here but there are many miles of open country where a person can set up a long range target.

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As someone with some very high powered rifles, I don’t think any amount of shooting a plate held with a 50 cal would damage the vice. When I hit plates with a 30-06 handloaded hot they only move about 8” back. Hardly impressive. With a 50 cal they flip around the stand once or twice, but I really don’t think it would be enough energy to damage the vice. mhch of the strength of a bullet is not in its raw energy, but it’s energy per square inch, and it’s reliance on cavitation and penetration to destroy vital organisms.

Just think about how a human being hit with a 50 cal dies, but the person that shot the round received exactly the same but opposite energy in the form of recoil. That energy spread throughout the whole plate and transferred into the vice wouldnt do any damage unless the bullet hit the vice itself.

It would be a fun video but it wouldn’t prove anything


Doubt it. The impact of a .50cal round is WAY more powerful than the 100lb hammer hitting the plate held in the vise.

Plus Fullmag, Kentucky Ballistics, and Edwin Sarkissian could always step it up to a 20mm rifle. They’ve shot them before in their channel.