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Um, I’m referencing " How to Use a Fixture Table Like the Pros," How to Use a Fixture Table Like the Pros - YouTube. I’m starting with “um” b/c I don’t see the vid and reply section listed anywhere on your forum (I searched for “funky” and the one post with that wasn’t related to the YT vid), so this is my best guess. Questions/ comments:

  1. Around the 3:40 mark you ask whether to trust your table, or your tape. I was struck by the fact that you were measuring more or less precisely 1/16" short with the tape. As you probably know, tape measures are typically designed to have just that much “slop” that isn’t really slop, depending on whether you are hooking the end of the tape measure on e.g. a fixture, or butting it against an object and measuring from the edge that way. Quick demo here, https://www.youtube.com/shorts/m9kMAM7nIKs. So is the 1/16" difference just that you overlooked that slop-on-purpose, or is it actually inaccurate? I’m thinking that if your tape measure is that far off, I’d chuck it immediately; most woodworkers I know (I love your channel but I’m almost entirely a woodworker) would regard that kind of inaccuracy as utterly unacceptable. Metalwork as far as I know demands even more precision, the more you move towards actually machining even more so, right? Is your assessment of your tape measure actually fair?
  2. If your tape was that far off, it wouldn’t make sense for you to trust that 20 1/4" 45-angle around the 5:30 mark, right?

I have been watching all the feeds on the worth of the fixture table. I have a question to all the naysayers.
Why wood you NOT want to use a simple tool that is available to the industry that wood make a product better no matter what the set parameters by the customer are?