Any thoughts on partner/collaboration with other innovative small businesses?

I realize you are probably working on more tooling for the Fireball table, however this swagoffroad rest would be interesting with a fireball table. I realize I can buy this and make it work with the 2in pattern, and use the tackbolt to hold it to the table. But a partnership would be interesting… “compatible with fireball tables” on their site would be good and you can references to partners making fireball table compatible tooling. They have a few other things that would fit into this category.

Any beginner fab could make such a tool. If FB does it, it has to have a unique design function related to a problem many welders may face. I don’t see it as a future FB product.

Honestly, I’ve used the bar style quick clamps for the table as a hand rest. Maybe not as flexible as that solution, but works well enough in a pinch.