Budget friendly fixture tables vs FB?

I’m curious how the budget brand tables such as Langmuirs Arc flat and Primewelds fixture table stack up against the almighty Fireball table. Has anyone who owns one of these cheaper alternatives done the frame test like in Jason’s video? What was the outcome if you tried it? I know bolting several tables together will add some variance so is a few thousands of an inch worth the savings you will have in going the less expensive route?

@Arcwarrior I responded to one of your questions in another thread. Bolting tables together does add some variance but it can be mitigated with some modification to the table legs. I will say that the amount of variance, both from two tables being bolted together, and the tolerance difference, will be a non issue for most users. When it comes to bolting more than two tables together, which I have not done, it might be a compounding issue. I’m sure there are work-arounds through reinforced bases and adjustment screws. Look back at one of Jason’s videos where he has multiple plates on a table top all with their own adjustments. Same concept just on a larger scale.

As for the frame test, I can work one in over the next week or so and post the results.

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@CreedFab ill definitely be checking out that video. I’d also love to see your results!

Have not done a square tube frame but angle iron frames with 2 Langmuier frames bolted together and the results mimic his results on his table. Mine is set up as a 2X6 foot table and I use Fireball Squares to help keeping things square.