Langmuir ArcFlat table disappointment - Review

So I bought a Langmuir table (because I thought fixture tables would be a good idea) and have actually been pretty disappointed with it.

What upset me was the twist in the table- their website says the table has a flatness of ±0.0075”, but I found mine to be at .054”…more than 7 times out of flatness. (I’ll get to this point later)

I had put material on the table and it was uneven, so I bought a straight edge on Ebay and held it across the table, and from corner to corner on both sides. My old plate steel was flatter than this lol.

And yes, I leveled the table the best I could.

(these are the feeler gauges that fit in the gap of my straight edge against the table)

I can’t help but feel like this is my fault, like $700 was too good to be true? But then why is it advertised that way? Overall quite upset with my purchase, I want to be able to hold flat tolerances.

What do you think I should do?

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Email them.

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Contact them, I have two blocks and they are below their stated tolerance even when bolted together.

There is another guy that bought basically the same table from prime weld. I thought he said his table would flex just from having one leg adjusted up more than the others. Seems hard to believe being they don’t weigh much. What happens if you adjust that leg up on the low corner? I would think it would just lift the other two legs.
Level doesn’t really matter unless you measure off your floor which would not be accurate.
Let us know how you come out

@HD_1980 Thanks for the heads up. I was considering buying one but I don’t think I want to gamble with the quality. I’d rather cry once and buy the Dragon wagon. Ill wait until Jason shows us how flat it is.

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I’d agree, that’s a good policy on buy once cry once, but the Dragon Wagon table is called out as +/-.004" from edge to edge and corner to corner. What I want to know is how will @Fireball_Jason handle a table that’s been delivered and then measures out of spec? Will the customer have to ship it back? On who’s dime? Will there always be a couple held in stock to cover warranty replacements for tables delivered out of spec? What will be the estimated turnaround time?

I’d love an update from @HD_1980 on how Langmuir handles his situation once he has anything to share. It sets a benchmark at least for what someone might expect.

Did you flip the straight edge over and check it? Good straight edges are not
Here is a 36" and that would not work for a diagonal check, you would need longer


I assume you already posted a support ticket before posting here, what was their response? I saw a guy on YouTube with the new PrimeWeld tables had a similar issue. PW refunded him fully and is working to correct the issue.

Can you post a link to the video your referencing?

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Here is where he shows it’s not flat.

To get the full story you will have to do some digging. I followed the whole saga of the first tables, the replacement tables and communication via instagram, comments from PW posted to his YouTube channel and his posting on other message boards.

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Interesting. I’m not surprised there having trouble maintaining flatness. The castings are very thin with small ribs.