Converting 3-axis square to FA75


I just got my dragon wagon table and it is very nice. I have your 3-axis square (3-Axis Square) for my older slot/tab welding table but now am moving over to the FA75 system, trouble is my 3-axis square has the 5/8’s pins in it. I’d like to buy the 3/4 pins, but can’t find them on the website. Can you add them or email me at schu(a)schu*net?

Appreciate it.

I asked someone to reach out to you about it


I am in the same situation. Were you able to order just the pins? Is there a part number i can reference?

We’re going to make a listing for it so they can be purchased individually

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Good Morning, Do you have an ETA on this part number? I have an up coming order i would like to add it too.

Thank you

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I’m working to make it available separately, I’ll let you know when it’s up

@wilson available now

Thank you!

Wouldnt ya know it, had a order in the cart for over a week, was gonna wait and throw these in too. Went ahead and hit order last night…and the next day they are on here. I swear Jason is like the drug dealer of tools. like, " Hey, I know you just ordered a bunch of stuff…but heres some more to start next months order!" :rofl: