First time getting to use the fixtures

I managed to snag some more 5/8" fixtures when they came in stock this last Friday but I’d been gearing up for months to use this table so I got a little creative to finish with what I already had. I love that the 3-axis squares accept pins for the fixture tables and that they can be removed. I used one with and one without pins to build a simple frame that has to fit exactly onto some equipment and couldn’t be more pleased with the tooling I’ve gotten from Fireball!

I only had 1 ball lock pin at the time and not enough alignment pins so I clamped down the alignment pins and put some 5/8" bolts through to keep the tooth blocks aligned. Since I didn’t yet have fence pin blocks, I used 1-2-3 blocks and alignment pins against the 3-axis squares to kinda mimic that as well.

The amount of effort it took to get a neatly-fitting frame out of this was so much less than last time and that’s even without having all the tooling I’d like. I absolutely love being able to use this table!

Also, I now have 4 mega squares (5 if you count the one on order) and they’re just awesome! Thanks for doing domestic manufacturing and for coming up with thoughtful designs.


Looks fantastic! You’ll really see improvements in our fabrication .

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I’m a software systems engineer, not a welder and these tools are allowing me to get incredibly useful results for what my family needs very efficiently.

The resulting frame was an exact fit the first time. (The rack being mounted to it was a press fit once the rubber pads were installed)

@Fireball_Jason , thanks for making those videos on stuff like weld sequencing and fixturing without a flat surface. Those are incredibly useful and have helped me on my journey tremendously. The free education has been very valuable.