The new Dragon Wagon

Hi Jason, it was really nice to meet you at Fab-Tech and talk in person about what your making! I did order the larger Dragon table. I didn’t think to ask you there, all the larger fixturing will work on it but I’m curious about the locking pins. If they will work on a thinner table the way their supposed to? If this is posted somewhere else in here forgive me, first time poster.

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Great question! All the tacking bolts are the same size so they can be used on any table. The Dragon wagon tack bolts use a collar that space the bolt up so it can lock. I’ll do a video on it soon.

Is the 60 X 30 table gone from the product offerings now? Just wondered.

Yes but it’s coming back as a 54”x30. This size matches the width of the larger tables. It should be ready sometime in November

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I am happy to see you are filling such a need. Finding T55804 for my 5/8" LS table took me a while.

Since I’m looking to get this new table, I’m wondering, do I have to buy new fence blocks to work with 3/4 holes? Are can I just swap the threaded pins to 3/4 ones? I currently have the 5/8 fence blocks.

Unfortunately no the threads are different size

@Arcwarrior you could in theory swap out the threaded pins and it would work, but we don’t make that style pin.

If you did have the pin, the main drawback is you could not stack the blocks or put a clamp into one of them (handy for clamping something taller)

I’ll send you a DM, we might be able to do something else for you

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I just placed my order for 2 of the 24x36 dragon wagons. They were exactly what I’ve been waiting for before pulling the trigger on a Fab table system for my home shop. I’ve been slowly purchasing fireball squares for a few years now.
And now that my 2600 sqft dream shop behind my house is nearly ready to actually start ‘working in’ and not just ‘working on’ I figured it was time to make the purchase of theses tables.

Cannot wait to get them.

I know the feeling. Ive been patiently waiting since I put dibs on one at Fab-Tech. Been collecting fixtures and clamps randomly, too bad the sale this month isnt for fixtures as well. I could tell the wife, look…I had to buy all these, they were on sale!

I have no wife. If I did I’m sure the big shop I built would be a swimming pool or some other backyard project or luxurious vacation instead.
I’m just a hobbyist so these tables might be overkill but I plan on building some frames for at least 2 of my old project cars.
Eventually I’d like to start a small fabrication business so I figured buy once cry once. After all it’s only money :joy:.

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FYI they are now listed on the website with an estimated ship date of early December if you haven’t already placed an order. I did the ‘notify me’ thing and just randomly noticed they were now listed for sale.

Oh, the second I seen that , order went in. Same here having a hobby shop doing light machine/fab work, hard to justify the want of having a super nice $12k table on the hobby fundage. At least the wife hasnt complained once in 13 years of what I spend in the shop. And the second vacation in 10 years, I took her up to Fab-Tech :joy: Only complaints there was how many times we would walk past the same places to hear me say… oooo, I want that…awww that would be nice!! lol

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I’m curious how delivery is for a table like the bigger dragon wagon. Never ordered that big or heavy online. Would the delivery driver bring the table into a garage? Anyone able to shed some light on this?

We do offer lift gate service as a delivery option. The shipping company will offload the product with a pallet jack and can set the product wherever they can access.

The only option I see is LTL, is that the lift gate service?

The tables come crated, a couple inches larger than the product dimensions. We can offer liftgate service for an extra fee.

If you email customer service they can help you set it up, or just order and then email about your order.