Drill bit organization

What is everyone using to organize random assortments drill bits? Not drill indexes, I’m talking a junk drawer of random bits that are still good to use. It seems over the years I buy several specific size bits for a job, then keep all together in a big pile. Always having to sift through for the right size.
I do keep a stocked drill index for normal uses, but my drill bit junk drawer is getting out of hand.

I use this cool old rack with bins for different sizes. If I didn’t have this, I’d probably use a bunch of akro-bins on rails.

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That’s a nice setup for drill bits.

I was hoping someone else had a toolbox type kit they found to work well. Some drawers with decent slides and lots of dividers. McMaster has a 3 drawer box with dividers that is economically prices. But curious of what others use for the random bits organization.

After some research and looking around in professional shops, I noticed Huot drill bit dispensers are commonly used. Made in USA. Ther ergonomics of each slot has a curved feature to the bottom. Making it simple to grab a small round drill bit and drag it up the side with one finger. Two options below stood out to me.

For under mount (bench) option, this one looks fantastic.

Found on eBay for nearly the same cost is this one. Two cabinets that are stackable. I did check out the seller, they distribute Huot tool cabinets from their website.

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@NickJ I have the same boxes. They are great. Definitely a must have for any workshop.

I’ve been eyeing this organizer on Amazon. They also have one for your larger silver & Deming bits, taps, and end mills.

VEVOR Drill Bit Dispenser Cabinet, Three-Drawer Drill Bit Dispenser for 1/16" to 1/2" & Letter Sizes A to Z, Five-Drawer Drill Bit Organizer for Wire Gauge Sizes #1 to #60, 3 Pieces Drill Cabinet Set https://a.co/d/4uDcB0F