Housing Fixtures!

Just asking what everyone uses to hold and store their fixtures when theyre not being used. Any cool ideas for racks under the tables and such.

I’m going to build drawers for under the slag tray I’m also going to build.

I built a three level shelf with expanded metal for the shelfs so any thing from working on the table just falls through. It fits under the table when not being accessed as it is on wheels.

Thinking about it, for the fixtures that have pegs you can buy the fixture table drilling kit thing, drill a bunch of holes in a piece of wood and make that piece of wood a sliding drawer near your table. (Or metal and have it under your table)

For the clamps you can easily put some rods up near your table and hang the rods from those.

For squares, you could cut slots in a larger piece (wood metal whatever) and then slide them into those slots on a sliding drawer for condensed tidy storage.

I like Thais idea, I have some 1/8 steal, makeing a rack on a 22.5 degree say 24 x24? Have the holes like a machinist collet tray? Would have to cypher on number of holes. Could fab it on to one of those harbor freight is general rolling carts like another gentleman mentioned.?

I drilled out a 2x2 grid pattern on a 1in oak stair tread cutoff to hold all the clamps. I placed that on top of some milwaukee pack out drawers on their wheels for the blocks and pins. I have learned you just can’t have enough Lego blocks and clamps when you are making even a simple thing.

Nice! Milwaukee has some super nice pack out equipment!

@Cascade_Steel_Design I 3d printed custom holders with gridfinity for all the little pieces. The squares and table blocks are just in drawers, nothing special…yet…

Again how does everyone keep everything looking like new? I would not even want to use this stuff it looks so nice :rofl: :rofl:

I know, right? Its amazing the organization some people can come up with. The shop at home looks like a hurricane relocates everything on a daily basis. But at least I remember where I leave most things…

I employ a technique I call coarse sorting. If I have to put a tool in some perfect little cutout, I’m not nearly as good about putting things away after working on something. If I have a small bin or drawer where like things go together and I can slide, toss, close and be able to find what I need with just a couple seconds of rummaging when I need it again, it works much better for me.

I yearn for detailed little cutouts and perfect organization, I just know I won’t adhere to it.

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I’m same way! Everything has a place for sure, just not that organized of a place! I have a huge problem with not saying No when folks wanna drop stuff off, so about once a month I have to do the old " what is all this stuff and do I need it" shuffle!