Grinding Disc Rack

I got tired of all my grinding discs being in a Drawer. This swing Arm allows me to Now quickly swap discs, and clearly see how many i have left. I kinda went crazy and made a spot for all the basic fab tools. The pen, spring punch, torch holster, and of coarse the 8in mega square holder are my

How do you all keep your grinding discs?


I like the swing arm idea. I might have to make some.

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Looks like a handy design maybe weld on some gate latches like the one pictured to the bars for retention.


I thought about that, but any latch would be bulky and get in the way of a fast pace. Also the pole is perfectly in the center. So the arms can be on one side or another.

The end of the arms have a hole drilled so i could 3d print some wearable plastic bushings. So theyll friction fit between the legs to keep them in place when im rallying the cart.:beers:

Seen a lot of welding tables, but not one with a holster!

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Once you have a holster you can never go back. Also helpful to put pliers, files, and whatever fits while working. The main goal is to keep stuff off the working surface

(The holster has a holster for a 4 in 1 file)

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I thought it was for an extra mag at first

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