Fireball scraper

When will this be back in stock

We’re moving to a new style, and will have them back in stock in 1-2 weeks.

I regret to say that the new ones are no longer being made in the US because our foundry raised prices substantially on this item and the margins on the US made handle were already quite slim.

We could raise prices some more, but felt the price was already at the limits of what we should charge for the tool, and this is before we even amortized the cost of the pattern into the production cost.

The blade is still made here, but the handle is not.

I’m sure it will still be nice

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Will it use the same style blades as the old handle?

yes, it’s the same design except it’s a carbon steel with nickel plating

In a 3.0 design please add a hanging/lanyard loop!

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