Fireball tools on Amazon?

Any on else see the minion square on amazon? along with the hex key holder? I mean dont get me wrong i would much rather buy directly from Jason but my company happens to give amazon cards for safety and performance awards, sometime pretty big ones, every dime of it would go to buying fireball tools if they were sold on amazon!
Fireball Tool, Minion Square (Pair), Aluminum, 6" x 4" x 1.5", 60/30 Angle: Industrial & Scientific

its sold by fireball same address as the fulfillment center for fireball, assume another sales stream.
looks like building an amazon store

we’re experimenting with some items on Amazon, mainly focusing on the items like hex key holders since those benefit from having a broader audience


That’s good feedback. I was concerned it was a Milwaukee situation. I’ve been doing a lot less business with Scamazon because of the stolen items there.

I was thinking same thing, I studied those pictures hard thinking they might be knock offs!

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It is a great idea, especially for international customers with prime membership. They could have free international shipping!

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