How is your Fireball Scraper Blade holding up?

Post a picture of your Fireball scraper blade and how long you’ve been using it. Very curious to see if you’ve put your blades through hell and back (and how long it takes until you need new ones). I’ll pick a winner and send you a replacement!

I’ve had mine well over a year and it still looks brand new, aside from some finish missing. Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

I’ve thought about making a larger blade to use as a BBQ scraper. I love the handle design.

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Mine is holding up great so far, not enough ware to take a pic :grin:.

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About a month of use and holding up well, hoping to get about a year out of a blade.

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Going online right now to pick one up …

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@Cornfarmer1992 Still looks new. Do you use it like a chipping hammer?

Yes, I use it for chipping, scraping slag and deburring and it works great.

I love both of mine, especially the weight of them. You don’t have to get moving super fast to get some momentum built up to knock off those berries. Only complaint I’ve had is the blade getting loose pretty frequently if really going to town. I should just pull out the button heads and throw in a longer bolt and double nut it, but I appreciate how it is right now not having any protrusions.

@curtin_cnc have you tried some loctite? In the past, we used a screw with a nylon patch during assembly, but we’re starting to use loctite directly now during assembly.

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I don’t have one at all can I have a replacement