Fireball square durability

Just wondering how well the fireball squares are holding up to daily use. I got a couple minion squares and looking to get the magic square soon… i only use them tig welding at work snd usually just for tacking. do they hold up to not warping and deforming under heat from welding. Does spatter ever mess up the machines surfaces when you use them mig welding?

@Jglenn76 Great question, at trade shows I often ask everyone that’s purchased the squares “how are they holding up”. Most respond with the simple answer “very well or looks like hell but still works as new. From my experience the surface will get scraped or scratched, or you can see in some places where spatter stuck at some point then removed. The squares get dropped and dented from time to time. Most of the dents can be removed with a file, spatter can be removed with scraper and fine scratches can be buffed out with scotch brite pad. Warping generally isn’t a issue from heat but from trying to use the square to pull parts into alignment with clamps. Overall the squares are over build with thick castings and edges to take the abuse of a fab shop. Pick aluminum for the portability and cast iron for longevity.

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Are all of the threaded holes for the alignment tabs in the squares the same size? Like across all the squares

@Jglenn76 yes all the holes are tapped 1/4-20

I use the aluminium squares on a daily basis I do only stainless in work where I use them, I wouldn’t use the aluminium ones on heavy stuff but I’ll definitely be investing in some cast iron ones for the rare occasion I get heavier projects

Hey Jason, you say your squares are tough but how tough? since you like doing test and experiments I got one for you. Them squares are made out of cast iron right? Cast iron tends to break if it get dropped. I’m sure its gonna happen when you accidently shove your square of the table, lets see how high it can fall without breaking. a durability test eh??? what do You say?

@JuliantheGreat you’re going to get a visit from the Ethical Treatment of Squares people talking like that! :wink: But seriously, a test like that sounds like needless abuse of a fine tool.



If you go back and take a look at the website exclusive video “I Built a Giant Hammer to Break Giant Vises!” around the 23 minute mark we used the hammer rig to abuse one of the OG mega squares. It held up to one hit of the rig from a 75+ LB hammer and the casting failed on the next hit but only broke off small corner. The Square could maybe still be used. But non the less some more in depth torture testing could be an avenue to explore. Thanks for the recommendation.

We have some unpublished footage somewhere of a square being dropped a bunch of times on concrete, and there’s an old video I’ll have to find of Jason bashing on a square with a sledgehammer. It was pretty tough.

We’ll have to dig it up and publish it somewhere.

Fireball Wyatt idk seems like i cant find any videoe regarding testing squares.

If you go to the exclusive videos tab of the website and scroll down to “Fireball School - Hardtail Vise” it should be the second video that I was referencing.

@Jglenn76 @Coreyjzx @JuliantheGreat @LarryFahnoe

Here is the test that @Fireball_Eli mentioned. We captured this last year.

The Mega Square Drop Test

Neat cinematography. Remarkable to see it shuddering in the drops before it breaks.


Wow… 9 hits before it starts to crack. Cool video, You can honestly say Fireball Squares got nine life’s!!