Problem with combo squares

Big fan of all fireball tool!
But I went to check my combo square on granite surface plate
And next to a cylinder square
They are not square no big deal because of the adjustable screws.
Well the cast one was no big deal one little turn and done!
But the aluminum one… because aluminum and steel don’t mix and no anti seize on screws
They almost stripped!
Not going to lie I’m sweating at this point!
It even bent the Allen wrench getting them out
But I got them out, there was aluminum shaving in the hole I ran a tap in it and put anti seize on it and good to go.
So I guess what I’m getting at is these need anti
Seize on them @Fireball_Jason


Making me glad I ordered 2 cast iron and not one in each material. I should check my squares and see how square they are too.


I just assumed they wouldn’t come square since they were adjustable. I’m glad I made that assumption, though it was a tad annoying.

I :100: thought they would be square
Coming from fireball tools.

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I think the issue here is shipping being unpredictable, which is why I really don’t blame them for this. The reason cheap carpenter’s squares come relatively square is because they aren’t at all adjustable so you can’t re-square them simply when they start to wear. I love this design and it’s definitely superior, but you’ve gotta realize that even if was adjusted properly before shipping it could easily be exposed to vibration in the trip that would “unadjust” it.

@Whitesteel I’ll look into adding the anti seize during our installs, thank you for detailing the issue and fix

They are amazing squares!
@HenrysWorkshop One was shipped in a box with with no packing paper came all scratched up the aluminum one.
The cast iron one shipped in a case both out of square still.

The scribe pen fireball sales are nice to use too.

I wouldn’t have any idea what to say about scratches, but a case wouldn’t necessarily keep them from coming out of adjustment in shipping. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it would be enough of an issue in some cases I don’t think it’s realistic to expect pre-adjustment at a production level because then they would have to do some ridiculous R&D that only the military pays for.