Fireball tool US Website

Hello out there. I am curious as to what is currently going on with the FB tool store website. I noticed there payment options have become limited to the “Shop” app. this is disappointing for me as I have established accounts with Paypal and many others and I am lucky enough to be the one experiencing the faults with the “Shop” app. Why has paypal payment option been removed? Has anyone else noticed these changes? I did reduce my order last time to 1/4 the size last time due to the limitation of only being able to use my credit card. I hope this changes as I have come to like the FB tool’s and access to what they carry in there store though I am not planning on making huge financial changes to access there products.


Paypal raised their rates by a lot despite a very good track record from us, so we’re no longer using them. We’ve reached out to them a month ago and they don’t seem very interested.