What other tools should fireball tool make?

I think Jason should start a fab design
Part of this forum and people can give him ideas for new tools that welders would use in the shop.
And if he picks your idea that person gets one of the tools for free or a few free squares :grin::laughing:

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Requests are welcome. Jason

Can we send private massages hear for that?

Sure, or just post it here so everyone can chime in.

I work with lots of round parts as a machinist. I would love to see a centering head from fireball, to match the combination square. I think it would be a good idea to have a wider angle on it to suit larger diameter parts. Maybe 120 degrees instead 90. Most square sets are made for small parts like 3 or 4 inches, then the head sits on the corners and is not reliable imo.

Id like a couple squares like this one, maybe 16" x 24"



We do have our tower blocks:

@Mnwelder I also wonder if 2 of their 14" tower blocks bolted together would do what you need if they don’t make a super large square?

Or a leg and a tower block bolted perpendicular to each other?

Problem with is is you cant slide it into position like squares

That plus, they are really expensive and depending on what you are doing, they could get in the way because of there size. I have some of the 13" extension blocks on tooth blocks. It works fine for setting a height but it’s not rigid enough to hold something square (vertical) while welding. That’s where i think a square would be a good fit.

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I would like to see the mantis grip pliers with long jaws with and without pads

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I can make that happen


We have one coming really soon, 28" tall and way better than the type shown.

I could be convinced to buy a smaller version of the hardtail vise. maybe 3 inch jaws and a smaller overall vise size but with all the same features just scaled down a little bit.


Can you imagine a 3", deep throat, tight tolerance version of this vise for file work on parts? I’d pay more for a base that rotates AND pivots and allows for more freedom to hold your parts at any angle. Bonus points if it can be bolted to the tables that use the 2x2 grid spacing.

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The problem is everytime he releases something. I didnt know i needed it. How could i possibly figure out what i need that i dont know i need.


@Fireball_Jason any plans to make tools to help with tube fabrication.

Clamps that work better on round surfaces, maybe your spin of a tube notcher.
Tube bender, though there are a lot of great options already on the market.

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I think a tube notcher by Fireball Tool could be really interesting.


A tube square would be cool


Yea there are a lot made from mild steel and whatnot, but a cast piece that can really clamps and hold 10-15 foot sections??