Steel Organization

With the price of steel these days i feel very inclined to hold onto every piece until im sure im done with it. Unfortunately the climate here means keeping material outdoors means rust everywhere. This is on a 8’ by 4’ footprint. And stands over 6 feet tall. I still dont consider it done but i had to put material on it to make room for projects. There was a joke going about the stupid thing will be made from more material than what it will hold.

What kind of material organizers do you all have. I have to say life is better knowing where everything is. If it is something you talk about doing but never have. Definitely spend some time doing it. (Also place your bets now if i ever get every piece of metal off to finish and paint this )


That’s nice!!!

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I’d kill for the space, and for a rack like that. Currently I have to lean my sheets up behind a toolbox (up on some stainless tubes to keep them off the concrete), and everything else is scattered around in various places large or strong enough that it can be sorted by material type.

Looks like a really nice multi material rack. I’m sure you’ll be overloading it for many years. :joy:

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I thought I was the only one with a 65” tv in his shop!

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Old westerns, and fireball videos usually play on big shop days💪🏻

You’re going to wish you used heavy duty casters under that rack! The conduit rack at the power plant I retired from crushed the wheels of the casters used to support it. Aside from the casters, it’s a really good looking mobile storage unit!!

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I’m definitely going to have to come back to this design. I’ve been thinking about something very similar to this for my garage or the wall in my shed. I’ve currently got my cut-offs shoved under a janky, half-baked workbench build the previous owner did and it’s just awkward to sort through and get things out of. My biggest concern is putting large enough wheels on whatever I build so it can roll from the garage to the shed through the mud.

Have you thought of adding some sections of rope stretching down from the top to the bottom over that kind of middle section that looks like it would be good for sheet metal? You could probably keep sheets sort of divided with a setup like that without adding additional metal to the structure that would be in the way. That might be half-baked.

I like your style. The classic cars wouldn’t be complete without the compulsory poster of the Duke.