Have any of you tried to DIY a retractable welding curtain / screen?

I have a pretty small area in my garage to work in. Also I have wife and kids that go in and out that way so I have a need for something like this. I don’t think I have the room for big frames on wheels. Mounting a rod like a shower curtain seems simple but would be a bit complicated since my ceiling changes heights right where I would need it. Also it doesn’t allow for moving it somewhere else. Retractable would be a necessity so I could have a very small footprint to store them and shift things around easily. I found these, for example:




However that last one is over a thousand and I think the cheapest one is over six hundred. Given that the curtain / screens themselves are pretty cheap to get separately and the retraction functionality seems pretty basic, I was wanting to see if anyone has tried that. It seems like you’d just need some kind of spring loaded shade roller kit that you can insert whatever material you want. Has anyone made anything like that and what did you come up with?

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Funny that you should mention that. A neighbor gave me an 8’ section of track for a hanging door. That, fastened to a horizontal member in the garage plus a welding curtain on some hooks should make for a highly Bubba’ed but very serviceable solution for people walking in and catching me in the act.

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Yea, I may end up having to make do with a hanging curtain. I was hoping to figure out a DIY retractable solution though.