Plate steel

Hey Jason, you asked me to post on a new topic so here it is.

We’ve seen your fixture tables are great for tube steel, and I’m sure it’d be great for plate steel as well but we have yet to see it. Here’s a few different brackets that I’d like to see recreated.

The measurements are up to you just keep with the shape and design of each.

@Fireball_Jason hopefully you remember this.

I’ve done some things like this with a combination of the fence blocks, tooth blocks, shims and clamps. This seems pretty doable to me, tbh. Getting the cylinder (looks like a cylinder anyway) centered on that hole I’d probably do with an aluminum rod but depending on how close you needed it you might just get away with some other combination of things. I don’t have a crazy fancy table but this is definitely doable.

@Dakotareid Yes I haven’t forgotten, are these pieces laser, waterjet or saw cut? Are the holes the only critical measurements?

Water jet would be ideal unless you wanna drill the holes separately, the hole size is up to you, just keep the locations.

I’m sure it is, was just giving ideas on how to promote his products more than just building tube framed things.