Hex Key Holder...Holder

I decided to learn Fusion360 and needed a starter project, so I decided to design a pegboard holder for the hex key holder that I recently got.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m sure there are some inefficient modeling techniques but it works! I designed it to fit the standard 1/4" hole, with 1" spacing pegboard.

I tried to prioritize retrievability and stability. So it’s got an opening that’s wide enough for the hex keys to just got straight in, but the seat has enough of a full circle that the holder doesn’t fall out. I chamfered all the edges so it helps guide the hex keys into place, and cut a “v” in the front slot for the same reason.

I made the offset from the pegboard large enough that even if you set the holder in with the largest key pointed towards the wall, it should still be able slot in without a lot of effort. I know that this increased the length of the lever arm, and therefore the torque on the pegs, but there are 3 hook pegs, and 3 stability pegs, so I’m not too worried about it.

This is definitely still a work in progress. The current iteration isn’t very easy to relocate on the pegboard (i.e. once you put there, you can’t really get it out without breaking a peg)
I’m working on changing the peg shape to keep the durability and rigidity, but be more easily moved.
I’m also thinking about a different version with keyhole slots on the back for mounting straight to a wall.


So cool. Love it! I’m sure others will want you to share the stl file.


I’m glad you like it! I wanted to get your blessing before I put that out on the internet.
Once I get it finalized where it’s a little more user friendly, I’d be happy to share it.

Do you think it would be easier to get in and out if you had shorter pegs on the bottom row?
Maybe if you removed the middle two pegs but printed with higher infill you could retain its strength but improve relocatability.

Would appreciate a .step when you’ve got it tuned!

You’re 100% right on shorter pegs on the bottom. I think they also need a more aggressive taper at the tip to account for wood swelling. Only the last little bit of the peg needs to be a pressure fit. I’m dealing with Southern US heat and humidity right now and climate controlled pegboard is a very different size than “out in the shed” pegboard. haha
I’ll make another post with the final piece and be sure to tag you in it.

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