Fixture organization

I’ld be interested to see everyone’s examples at fixture storage. What works, what doesn’t. I’ve seen Jason’s cart and seems like a good concept , but it’s always all cluttered up in the videos :joy:. When I get back to the house in 3 weeks I’ll post some pics of my square storage, would also be interested in seeing everyone’s take on that as well!

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US General rolling tool chest from Harbor Freight. Currently just use drawers in the larger of the two I have in the garage, but may pick up one of their 42x22 series 3 chests to be dedicated storage for all welding related gear.

I’ve currently got a large toolbox with a bunch of fixtures and clamps organized in various drawers, but it still doesn’t feel like the optimal choice for the setup and workflow.

I’d love to see other people’s setups and anything they’re particularly happy with.