How To Use a Waterjet - Waterjet 101

I wanted to post my video about the waterjet here as a resource for anyone looking into working with one. Leave any questions or comments you have below!

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Jason, with the huge improvement in Laser Cutting have you given any thoughts on upgrading to a laser vs the water jet…??

Yes lasers are awesome, If I was only cutting steel and aluminum ya a laser would work great for me. I cut all sorts of material for prototypes, wood, plastic, glass, hard steel ect. Also the 3D cutting is very helpful. The waterjet is still the king of versatility in my workshop.

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Really appreciate this video! Is the waterjet just for your own use or do you cut stuff for other manufacturers?

Jason, what Garnet or other abrasive do you use with your Waterjet, also what grit is it?

We use Barton 80

Also what PSI does your Waterjet run at?


Damn, the one I use at work is maxed at 60k, buts it’s pretty old. thanks for the information.