Hard tail DIY kit?

Hey Jason,
can you make a kit with just the water jet parts so we can DIY build a vice… 0r let us buy any of the parts we need to make one>? Everybody needs a hardtail!


Seconding this request. Although I’m mostly interested in the mating swivel base pieces myself.

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It was an idea at one point but the retail price was going to be high.

I’d love to buy the water table cut parts also.

What’s the price your willing to pay for a kit?

That’s a fare question for sure. The answer would be based on your cost. I would think it would be fare for you to double your cost for the custom cut parts and let us source the readily available stuff like thrust bearings and washers.

In short I would be willing to purchase a weld together kit with the knowledge that you’ve gotta make a profit.

I don’t have a water jet or laser (I have access, but it’s 2 Hours away)

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Which parts would be included?
Water jet swivel parts also!?

That’s what I would want in my kit.

I also agree with it being fair to double your money.

Ordering material, set-up time, consumable use, post-prep, package, ship.

Although it may end up not being worth it for you (Jason) to undergo the endeavor.

I’m not sure how much you’re ok with posting a quote in your forum, but let’s say I wanted to order:

  • swivel base (bottom swivel, top swivel, and mounting base pieces)
  • front and rear jaw sides (don’t have to be beveled)
  • front and rear cap
  • rough cut thrust bearing block cap (no machining)
  • 3"x4" .25" wall tube with the angle cut and weld seam removed

I’d be willing to pay $200-$250 + shipping

To reduce cost on the base, I’d be ok with it being two half inch plates getting the bevel cut, using the remnants as the upper and lower pieces, then bolting or welding the base pieces together. Understandably the upper and lower swivel pieces would have the lead-in cuts.

Would that even be within the ballpark range?


Sorry I wouldn’t even waterjet cut the swivel base for that price.

More than understandable. I have no idea about waterjet prices.

What would be more of a ballpark for just a base?

@Fireball_Jason This is exactly what I was thinking when I read $200-250+shipping.

I bet your waterjet runs for $200-300/hr, plus setup and programming.

Oh. I’m very far off then :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that’s probably $800+ worth of parts when done low volume.

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If only my wallet had more heft.

With enough free time and hand tools you could make just about anything for not a lot more than the cost of material, but once someone has to make a living and owns expensive equipment for cutting and machining big parts, prices get steep, fast.

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I recommend the new 510 vise that will be available shortly. It’s a 3/4 scale version of the currant 614. Its much better in every way compared to the diy prototype Hardtail vise.


We looked at a DIY vise kit before, and by the time everything was done, it was quite expensive. Then the next thing people would want is a welded one. Then the next thing they want is a welded and painted one. Then after that people would ask for a cast version. So we decided to just go straight to the cast version. :joy:


Funny but true!

Jason I would like to be the first to put my money on the barrel for the 3/4 scale 510 vise. Please let me know if I can preorder it.