Hydraulic table

i have a hydraulic table which is 30" wide by 8 feet long (rated at 4,000 lbs).
i would like to put your large fixture table on it which is larger than the hydraulic table.
my thought is to put one inch plate steel bolted to the hydraulic table in 3 places to fit under the stock legs (shortened to about 9 inches).
my question is - do you think the plate steel would be strong enough with 9 inches unsupported on each side that would overhang the hydraulic table
thx in advance

are you talking about the 102x54 table?


Not sure how much sag you would see, you could gusset the plate if you see too much sag.

I would be more concerned with the lift table being 30" wide, you would want to bolt it to the floor. Your table would also be de-rated after putting the table on it, by how much I’m not sure, but manufacturers will typically de-rate it if you’re putting something both really top heavy and extending past the edges of the original platform.

sounds sketchy…thx for feedback