Is there an RSS/Atom feed for the website videos?

I don’t know what platform you’re using on the website/to host the videos, but now that you’re fighting back against the YouTube algorithm (which I wholeheartedly support), I’ve discovered that the UI/UX for seeing the videos (and keeping track of what I’ve watched) is a bit painful.

Is there an RSS or Atom feed for the videos on the website? I don’t even care if it’s just a link that takes me to the page, as long as I can subscribe in my feed reader, I’ll be happy <3


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That’s an interesting question, there probably is but we’re just at level one of using the capabilities of our hosting service. We find most capabilities require some type of debugging even if they’re available, but something we’ll look into.

We are on cloudflare.

I’m getting repeated errors trying to view your videos (on an iPhone 13, safari). Am I the only one?

I’ll try some other browsers, but thought you should know.

Having an rss feed to subscribe to would be killer.

Since the videos aren’t on any other platform, I don’t get reminded when new videos are out. So I don’t ever see the exclusive videos unless I happen to think to check the site. Which just doesn’t happen often.

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