Maximus Clamp

Hey there i am one of the Metric guys and i am wondering if the Maximus Clamps also work on 25x 50 mm Material size? Or is there to mutch slack?

Tanks for the answer.

And sorry for my bad writing…

Yes they work on metric tubing

Tanks for the answer.
Can you ad them to the Eu shop too?
Since there is no shiping for Swizerland on youre normal Shop.

I just put together two Maximus clamps on 5 foot bars. I figured that the arm and foot might slide off the bar during transport or possibly while setting them up around a workpiece, so i drilled and tapped 5/16" x 1" bolts near each end. That way the arms won’t fall off inadvertently, but the bolts can be removed easily to use the arms on a different bar length. 1/4" bolts would have worked fine - I just had some 5/16" bolts handy. Quik-clamps use roll pins to hold their arms on the bar, but I wanted to easily remove the bolts if need be.


Great mod. Definitely the right way to do it. I’m lazy I guess, I just gave the end of the tube a quick smack with a hammer causing the end do bulge just enough to keep it from falling off.

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