Should the Maximus clamp have a set screw on the side of the "not moving" jaw, to prevent it from slipping off the tube during setup

I love the maximus clamp, a european bush mechanic finally brave enough to write something here. Would the clamp benefit from having a set screw on the side of the not adjustable jaw (or similar) help the clamp to not slip on the pipe. I find myself having to adjust it often during setup.

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It’s popular to dent the end of the tube with a ball peen.

The current mini clamps have a set screw on the back of the arm

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when I finally but mine I plan to buy a 20-foot stick of rectangle tubing then cut it in to Pairs of various lengths drill one hole on one end for hanging storage purposes and another through hole on the other end then put a role pin in each piece, so the clamps don’t slide off the end. I’ll grind them down close so they don’t snag on stuff.