Metric Blade for the combo square

Good morning from the other side of the pond Jason, please when the square comes to europe and the uk, can we have the blade for the combo square either in metric of both metric & imperial on, Im looking at buying one regardless when the become available to buy over here,

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Hi @Milner57 we are working on a metric blade, and looking for opinions on it. What is typical or most useful for graduations?

We’re thinking 1mm and 0.5mm graduations in a 300 and 600 mm length, would be happy to hear your thoughts on this.

personally just 1mm graduations would be fine as I don’t know if I would need a combination square to be any more accurate than that, if it was I would use a digital vernier caliper to set it

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+1 for the large metric blade. When are the combo squares coming to Europe? Thanks.

is there any progress being made on this? I just completed a tier 2 Black Friday order and would’ve loved to pick up the combination square in 600 or 800mm size :star_struck: