Out of stock availability

I went to Order another magic square
When are the 12” coming back?

Ive been waiting for the dragon scale combination square for a while now

I have one and it’s worth the wait
I just need one more

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we got some on the machine right now, probably 2 weeks

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Will there also be the case restock along with that?:thinking:

Note to self, buy one before this batch sells out.

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No need to keep checking the store
I’ll tell you when they are in :joy:
After I get mine

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How are things looking on the cast iron dragon scale squares? Any chance the 18" rules will be back in stock too?

@mRhAnKbOt we’re about to have all the rulers in stock

Squares, which size and model?

Sorry, I should have been specific, I realize now how vague that was :sweat_smile:, and especially confusing since cast iron combination squares are black oxide coated not dragon scale. It’s the cast iron combination square I’m wondering about.

@mRhAnKbOt hopefully next Thur/Fri we’ll have them available

They are in stock

The quality is getting even better
Old on the left new on the right

Dirty dog, you got my hopes up, but it’s the combination square I’m waiting on, not the magic squares. :joy:

I refresh the page every day just making sure they didn’t stock them early.

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I’ve been waiting for the magic squares.
I have the combo square cast and aluminum one.
Wait for the cast one.
the aluminum one is nice, but I work with big steel beams and I’m tough
On tools.
And the cast one looks so sweet with the gold ruler

So much page refreshing the last 2 days, I’m glad I didn’t crash your site watching for the cast iron combination squares to get stocked (I’ve been doing the same with the new ultimate pack too).

Still no cast iron combination squares in stock yet. :sob:

And you’re teasing us with a coming ultimate combination square kit to boot. :wink:


Careful Henry, your surgeon might be reading this… :wink: