Combo square suggestion

Jason: I’d like to suggest an option on buying the combo squares. I’d like to see the option to buy then without the blade. I’ve already got a number of squares with various blade lengths and either 5R or 16 graduations, and don’t really need more blades.


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@cvairwerks Yes I’ll make the Body only available.


I’m in the same boat, and would love to get one without the blade option.

Another request/inquiry: Any chance we’ll see Dragon Scale available as an option on the cast iron version? I’ve had great luck with it on all the squares for durability, and a combination square tends to be handled and scraped around just as much. Thanks.

@Mikerometer one reason we don’t offer the combination square in Dragon Scale is that it’s difficult to mask the threads and slots where the blade goes because the process adds thickness to the parts. There are some ways around it, but it would take a lot of experimenting to dial it in.

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@Mikerometer @cvairwerks which blades are you looking to use with the Fireball Combo Square? I’ll need to double check, but I recall some brands like Empire don’t fit, but I think I saw someone put a Starrett in without any issues.

I use both Starrett and Mitutoyo blades and squares these days.