New DIY vise base blank

You guys asked for a contoured steel plate to mount your Hardtail vise to. This is 1/2 steel with holes that are ready to be tapped 5/8-11 or drilled larger if required. Located in the vise section on the fireball website.

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@Fireball_Jason Would love to see one for the 4"/5" vise!

@Prometheus Yes I can make that happen. Great request. Jason

Insperation for my request goes to a β€œRob G.” who posted this in a 5 star review:

Would it be possible to share the DXF or CAD file of the mounting plate to those of us who have bought the vise?

The dimensions are nicely provided on the product page. I did create a public document in Onshape based on what was shown. Feel free to make your own copy from there. Onshape
Edit: You may need to create a free account to access it.