Purchase locations

@Fireball_Jason…I really want to purchase some of your superb products. The company that I work for only allows purchases from certain established distributors such as Grainger, McMaster-Carr and Amazon. Have you ever given thought about selling through some of these?

@Ron Distributors take margin from our products and require extra business processes for service, so we only sell direct. Not sure on all your company policies, but sometimes they make exception when there’s only one source for the items.

We have had some companies like Fastenal buy it on behalf of their customers, not sure how that works, but your company sounds like it’s probably pretty big and they’ll do that for your account?

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@Fireball_Eli Yes, I do work for a large company, Vestas wind turbines. They do allow amazon, which makes things easy for us, as buildpro has some limited items on there. You mentioned that Fastenal has sourced your products for their customers, now that you mention it, we have had our Grainger rep source products for us in the past as well, that might be a way to get some of your tools into our shop.