Quality control and the quick replacement

I recently received 4 of the mini magic squares. When the 2 halves of the square were opened to the largest straight edge you could have, they did not share the same plain. They were off by a significant level on all 4. When I called about the issue Jessica said they were a where of the issues on those squares and didn’t hesitate to get a replacement for me. Those Majic squares were out of stock so I decided to get the minion square kit for exchange and to just keep the magic squares since there is no need to ship back a product they couldn’t re sell due to poor quality from manufacturing. I also got a shim kit and after they quality issues on the squares I though I ought to look at the shim kit as well. One 3/8 shim out of the whole kit had the magnets set to deep and no magnetic grip. Jessica sent out a new 3/8 shim to fix that. She just took care of everything and was wonderful to work with. Honestly the best interaction I had with a company that I had quality or warranty issues with. Since I had her on the phone I purchased an 18" combination square. A week goes buy and the replacement squares show up and the 18" combination square conveniently sticking out the shipping box right off the truck. I thought to myself that ruler would be bent from shipping. The ruler was fine but the casting right were the lettering is on the base was cracked. So I make the call back to Jessica about the new issue I have with the combination square and like before she did not hesitate and get a replacement in the mail Immediately. Another great experience with her. Even thou my first 2 orders have not had the quality I expected right out of the box I do Support Fireball Tool for taking a lead and building new tools and building better tools for us out in the trades. Fireball also stood behind their product and took care of me no questions asked above and beyond expectation. You don’t see that often in customer service. I’ve already used the heck out of all the square’s and shims since purchase and look forward to buying larger squares and other products in the future.


@Otterscustomfab I’m glad to hear you are happy with our response times. The last couple months we’ve made some big changes to improve our service, and I wish we could have had those things in place earlier.

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I would also comment that Jessica’s customer service is first class. I had a couple of phone calls with her when I was ordering my table & then a follow-up call due to a couple of wrong accessory items shipped. I received two sets of the 1-2-3 blocks rather than two shim kits I’d ordered—same boxes, so an easy order picking error to make. After seeing the 1-2-3 blocks I decided I’d like to keep one set & after a quick call to Jessica, the exchange and additional purchase was neatly handled. I appreciate such good customer service and it is even nicer that I’m dealing with the same person each time I call the company.

@Fireball_Eli @Fireball_Jason: In terms of quality control, I’m wondering about the FA75 tacking bolts I’ve received. I have not had a chance to go through all of them, but those that I have used, the balls are seemingly very stiff to the point that they will not go into the holes. I’ve found that I need to back the screw out almost all the way, then whack each ball with a plastic mallet to get it to retract. Then once I do put them to use I find that I need to use the same plastic mallet to tap the bolt from the underside of the table to get the balls to release. I’ve only snugged them finger tight, so I don’t think I’m over-tightening. No rust or obvious burs that I can see, so I’m unclear on what’s causing the problem. I’ve not had a lot of time to use them, but if more are acting this way and they don’t loosen up I will have another chance to speak with Jessica.

Other than that, the delivery and quality of the Fireball products I’ve purchased has been outstanding.


@LarryFahnoe we’ll contact you about that

“The difference between an apprentice and a journeyman is how they deal with their mistakes”

I have been leaving many voicemails and yet to hear back