My new mission

After ordering fireball squares I can’t believe
How much they have helped me in my shop with speed and quality.
When I do railings for jobs now all my post are perfect!
The Magic square is the best for stair post
Giving me the same angle on each one.
The last few months I have been going to all the fab shops in my town and near by ones.
showing them the squares and what they can do.
Pulling up the website and telling them they must buy these tools, if they too want better quality Work leaving out the doors.
And none of them had fixture tables but I think that is about to change.
And none of them even heard of fireball tools…
Hard to believe!
I have a shop I’m going to this week I was telling them about the tools, and show case the squares.

Thanks fireball tools!
Keep up the good work!
Tell your friends and shops
Wood shops too!


I, personally, wouldn’t have bothered doing that. Let people come to you because your products are superior since you’re the one who is taking the time to stay updated on what happening in the industry and tooling yourself up with these high quality updates.

I’m not saying that to take away from anything Jason is doing because his products are the most superior, high quality, industry changing designs in a very long time. He puts the information out there for free across multiple platforms. It’s almost impossible NOT to hear about Fireball tool anymore. The fact of the matter is business is cutthroat and I doubt any of those other shops would reciprocate your gesture.

I changed industries a few years ago now and went back to my roots as a small engine mechanic. I’m the only one in the shop who cares enough to learn about the modern developments in EFI and battery since they are what’s taking over, so I add to my tools accordingly. However I’m somehow expected to let my tool box be opened to everyone and diag their jobs ontop of my own? That nonsense got put to a stop real quick. Not my problem if management can’t keep up in their own industry and actually require the other mechanics to take the same training I volunteered for. I’m not paying thousands of dollars for a box full of tools so others can be worth my salary.

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You could let management know you need more money then the substandard techs, or you will go somewhere that will pay and appreciate you.

Good techs are very hard to find, you would have no problem finding a job that pays you for what you know!

Hell just getting some to show up work now a days is a challenge.

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