Sawhorse DIY Build Kit?

Hey everyone! A few years back, I made some sawhorses and shared plans on how to make them at . I was thinking of those plans recently and was curious if anybody would be interested in purchasing a sawhorse kit. One that comes with the plans and materials and you assemble yourself at home! How much do you think something like that would be worth? Please share your thoughts below!

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. With how steel prices are these days, you probably get a better deal than most of us low volume home shop people do. Shipping might negate the savings though, so that’s something to consider.

A complete set of working drawings for someone to build their own set is always a great idea. From a viewer and customer prospective, it would seem the majority of your customer base are in the fabrication business to some degree and have access to materials relatively easy. Building/fabricating might not be an issue, but a well thought out design that works might be the holdup.
Jason, you are a marvelous inventor and designer. Some of us don’t have those attributes but we can build anything with some minor instructing. Keep bringing the products we didn’t know we needed to market, and your customer base will follow.

@NickJ The plans are available on the Fireball website here: Folding Sawhorse Plans

Thanks. I didn’t know they were available.

I purchased the plans and fabricated 4 horses several yrs ago made them a bit taller than the drawing definitely a handy addition in shop and portable light & strong I do remember they looked so simple and would have under estimated the time it took to build them but I’m sure they will out last me Jason I think the kit version could entice more takers but ether way they are a great Prouduct !!!`

Back in the spring of '22 I purchased a few Fireball Squares and thought the sawhorses would be a great first project to try them out. I purchased the plans and watched the YouTube video, had a blast making them, and they turned out pretty nice. By far the sturdiest folding sawhorses I have ever used.
I ended up spending more on materials than I expected, over $200 in steel from my local metal shop in Bellingham WA, and the most time consuming part of the project for me was getting all of my pieces cut to length as I only had a Evolution chop saw at the time. I ended up using a hole saw in a drill press to notch the tops of the legs, which worked out well, but setup was time consuming with what tools I had available.
I feel like if you were to offer a kit with the materials already cut and the tops of the legs notched, this would be a great click & buy project that a lot of beginners would jump on.
As a fairly green fabricator, I learned a ton from this project, including how to read plans like this and how important easily overlooked details can be. Hands on is my preferred way to learn, so the few bucks I paid for the plans was worth the huge amount of learning I did over the experience.
I say make a few kits and put them on the webstore, I bet they sell fast!

-Matt J

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They turned out awesome. You’re going to want a few more. Seems like 2 pair is minimum. Now you know what to do I’m sure you can make a second set in half the time. Yes I’ve considered a kit for sale but with all the cheap sawhorses available people will probably laugh in my face at the price