Square idea/concept

@Fireball_Jason do you think there’d be enough interest in making some squares that have machined “V” surfaces instead of flat faces?? I do roll cages and tube work and a Magic Square that fit and centered to the tube would be awesome. Partner that with a mantis clamp with a v pad would be a nice setup. Just a thought for you to ponder on. (Though I’m sure you have lots already)


Ive had the exact thought. The magic square with a v notch would be the real ticket. I almost never need a true 90 or 45.

How often would you use a v notch if you rarely do a true 90 or 45?

Could you use the tabs? I guess this would only work when joining same OD tubes

Unless you use the magnetic spacers to make up the difference in tube od. Then the tabs will still work.