Some behind the scenes of Drew's Favorite Animations

Hi Fellas, I’m Drew The head animator For Fireball Tool. I just wanted to share a little behind the scenes on the Office Build episode 1. I got to animate a reference to one of my favorite Sci Fi properties of all time 1987 Predator. We needed to Show some inspiration for the build and being on the Concept team I pulled a lot from the movie.

I started the animation process, by gathering reference. I rewatched that scene when the Predator removes its helmet. I also looked through some classic Predator comics.
Then it was time to start creating thumbnails and rough sketches.

Since I usually work on whole animations solo, I have the luxury of not having to story board too in depth. So I pretty much jump right in at this point and create my assets. I started this animation with rough backgrounds so I would know where the character is in frame.

The Next step was to Animate the Predator. I do a lot of frame by frame animation. Here is a sped up recording of me working on the frames.

Here is the first and last frame of the predator. I also rendered out a GIF for ya’ll.


With the Assets created is was time to then throw everything into After Effects and Comp them.

Once it was all timed out it was time to render. Here is a low res of What was on the TV in the young Jason Animation.

Hope this was a fun look behind some animation. I am happy to respond to any questions you may have.


@Fireball_Sr.Animator I love seeing the process of what it takes to make these animations. So often I only get to see the end result and can sometimes forget how many micro steps and iterations really happen. But the results speak for themselves- pretty pretty pretty good!