The Most Fixtures I've Used At One Time! - VIDEO INSIDE

I’m working on the railing for the Sci Fi office stairs and the last fabricated component I made easily used up more of my fixtures than any other project I’ve done on the Fireball Fixture Table. How would you make this part?

Stay tuned for a detailed tutorial on how I did this on my fixture table!


That’s a shit load of fixtures…!! I have run out a few times and need to buy some more fence blocks and clamps. Impressive setup.

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The good thing is you now know what you use the most. It’s hard to suggest fixtures to people without knowing the type of fabrication they do.

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I certainly would agree, Jason. But, with repairs of “user abuse” tractor and skid steer parts damage, building a '59 GMC dump truck/snow plow (about a 5 ton capacity monster), and general projects where welding is easier than through driiling, taping, or other fixings, I never know what I will be up against for a fixture. Sometimes it means making a new fixture, or adding to an existing one. The good thing is I am retired and the projects are all good fun, and usually productive. The welding tables themselves are so versatile, it is not too bad to make stuff up on the fly.
I really look forward to seeing the finished railings !