Tiny Fireball Hardtail Replica Vise!

Hi Everyone, I’d like to share a amazing gift that was given to me recently. A miniature 1:6 scale bronze Hardtail vise! This vise was made by Willem Buys. I have to say it’s hard to impress me anymore but this tiny vise definitely did. Every detail is spot on. I don’t have all the details on how it was made but ill leave a link to the facebook post. Cool stuff by Willem | At last I can post the build pictures of the mini hard tail vice for Jason from Fireball Tool | Facebook

Hers’s some photos, I’m truly lucky to have a such a neat piece in my vise collection.

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I’m assuming Mr Buys owns a Hardtail, but that’s a heck of a nice way to say “thank you” for a product. Clearly your vise is well appreciated! Great photos!! Buys is a very accomplished model maker.


Successfully reverse engineered, he just has to scale up his production! :slight_smile: That is pretty awesome, hats off to that gentlemen for his effort and accomplishment.

Wow. Fantastic work to the maker here. Thanks for all the pictures that answered all of the questions I planned to ask!

Incredible craftsmanship. Reminds me of the Wilton Baby Bullet vise.

Nope, living in South Africa the cost of getting vice is prohibitive. All dimensions and details I got from fireball tools website and many YouTube videos.

Any additional questions let me know.

Thanks for sharing these great pics Jason. I enjoy making miniature tools.

I am curious if this vice can be torqued on. Obviously not to the caliber of a large vise but it’s hard to tell from the pictures how stout it is.

Very cool.