Hardtail 510

Keep us posted on when we can preorder the 3/4 scale Hardtail 510 Vise.

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Thanks! I’m added to the list :+1:

I’d love to have #0001

Do you guys have a projection of an availability date for the 510

I saw the 510 for sale on the site FYI.

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Thanks. I just ordered it.

Ronnie Dennis


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I have my Fireball 510 on order. Can’t wait to get it! It will be a great addition to my Airstream service center. It will be mounted on a steel top Table a welded up a few weeks ago. This table is the hub of my Airstream Shop.

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Nice shop! I’m sort of glad bought the large vise before the 510 came out, because I’m sure I would have convinced myself to buy the 510 instead of the big guy, and now I can’t undo it. :joy:

I’m sure you’ll love the vise. And that big fabrication table is going to serve you really well.

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I think the “Little Guy” will serve me well. I’ve been using a small 5” Wilton for years and just didn’t want to move it from my home shop to the new building. The 510 hard tail was just want the Dr ordered.

My 510 “Baby” vise shipped today. RL freight set delivery appointment for Feb 15th!

the vise will match really well with the white frame of that table

Definitely, I built the table as a “hard use” centerpiece of my shop. I don’t do a ton of fabrication work but I do a ton of sheet metal work (Airstream Travel Trailers) so the 1/2 thick steel top just needed to be “flat ish”. Being able to drill and tap it to mount the vise is just a plus. The Hard tail vise just adds to the beefiness of the table.

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My 510 arrived today. Man it looks Awesome. I’ll take some photos once it’s mounted to my table.

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That’s great to hear. Lots of us want to see what you mount it to.

Here are a few pic of my New 510 mounted on my shop

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Looks right at home. Your shop is beautiful.

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Looks like it’s ready to hold some parts real steady for you. Good looking setup.

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Well I finally finished making my aluminum soft jaws for my 510. I made 2 sets while I was at it. I wanted to make them out of one 20” long piece ( or 2x10”) of stock but I only had 5” long stuff ( this meant a ton more setup on the mill….)
Anyway my philosophy has always been “Why buy something when you can spend three times as much and make it yourself?”

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