Tool idea for a brake using the existing fixture table pattern

Hello! A couple of videos I’ve watched guys use a handmade brake that they bolt or clamp to the edge of the table and it occured to me, why not make a brake that could interface with the 2 inch hole pattern? Have some pegs on the brake that drop in, and then clamp it down or otherwise secure it. You then also have a built in adjustable backstop by using the fireball fixturing tools and shim blocks. The table is more than strong enough to support it and I semi-regularly find myself using a brake (just a cheapo harbor freight one I got at a pawn shop) and am thinking about upgrading.


Yes that’s a great idea to use a fixture table for.

I’ve just recently gotten the metal stock to do exactly this. I need a 48" brake for 16-20ga and I am planning on building it with 5/8" mounting studs so I can secure it directly to the side of the table.

The Metalist on YouTube has a video for his table-mounted brake. He has a shop-made table with a grid of threaded holes, so the attachment method wouldn’t be quite the same but it’s the same idea. He has tons of other attachments too.

Here is another idea to make using the fixture table.