Ball lock bolts for fixture table

I’m currently working on building a fixture table and I’m trying to figure out what ball lock bolts would be best suited for it, the table will be made from 15mm sheet and the tooling will be from 12mm each with either D16 or D28 holes I haven’t fully decided yet

What’s you grid hole size?

I haven’t decided on hole size just yet I’m debating whether to go 16mm or 28mm, it’s a 3000x1500x200 and the holes are on 100mm centers, it’ll be mainly for gates and railing nothing needing perfect precision but flat enough to look good

I’d suggest 3/4 fireball hole size. It has all the benefits and no drawbacks.

Unfortunately the thickness of your material for your fixtures is going to be thin for most off the shelf bolts. Build pro has some pretty tiny ones.

You can always turn a spacer ring to add thickness between the fixture and the head of the lock bolt.

I’d avoid the 4” hole centers. The 16mm, 5/8, and the 3/4 FB require 2” to use any off the shelf fixtures.

The 28mm is just a pain because it requires a 8” long slot in the fixture to grab 2 holes. It’s really a bad design. The fixtures are to big for no reason.
I can go on and on about how bad the 28mm systems are.

Ah perfect, yeah it’s a dxf that has been supplied to me with the table top and loads of different fixtures and stops drawing but I like the idea of lock bolts for handiness sake, this table is gonna be more on a budget to see how well business takes off for us and all going well we’ll be looking into proper tables from yourselves or Kovosu