Tooling for 5/8" tables Need Dimensions

I have a Table with 3/4" thick top, and I have mostly build pro tooling.

There is some of The fireball tooling I would like to purchase but need to know if its going to work height wise. I see a few things have drawings with Dim’s but not everything.

Are there drawings avaible for the other 5/8" tooling that I can access?

One I would like to see it the 2x2 Vee block I would be using this in conjunction with my current V style holders but need to know they will all be at the same height.

one product that I build, I need 8 Vee style holder/blocks. I would like 4 of your 2x2 Vee blocks to use with the 5/8" tooth block kits and use in conjunction with my vee blocks. But I need to know that mine and yours will sit at the same height (probably a slim chance) and if not what it will take to make them work together.

Thank you

The Fireball blocks have 3 vee grooves. All the groves set the material at different elevations depending on the diameter of the material. The blocks will not be compatible with the build pro vee blocks.

The bottom of the Vee is what sets my elevation. I will take a pic of my set up to help show what I am talking about.
Thank you

If you purchase the FA625 system blocks they will come with a pin that fits in the 5/8 holes.

The block is the same for both systems, only the pin is different.

I forgot I was going to send a picture to show what Dim’s I was looking for. I will get that and post it. Thanks

ok here is what I have now. I use it most times with the spacer under it.
I am trying to find out if the bottom of V of the 90 degree FA625 sits at the same height or higher than mine. if it does I may be able to shim mine up to match.

Maye its not worth messing with, just thought they would be a nice addition to my tooling.

@Knick bottom of the Vee starts 1.5" from the bottom (0.5" from the top).

Block is 2x2x2

Thank you that helps