Tooth Block Teeter Tottering, is this normal?


Received my long awaited Tooth Block Kits and ran into what may or may not be an issue with the blocks teeter tottering with and without the washer. Here is a screen shot I took from one of the videos I recored:

(Note: I am demonstrating with 2 FBT pins locating the blocks to each other and then 3 Long SS pins to locate the blocks to the table along with a fence block as an edge stop on my Build Pro Table)

Additional question, until the ball lock bolts are in stock can anyone recommend a traditional shoulder bolts to use? Thanks!

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@Prometheus that doesn’t look right, please send an email to with the email or name you used to place the order and we’ll send you a set of replacements

That’s not right. Did you call/email customer service…?? I would.

Thanks I reached out to customer service. Any recommendations on good shoulder bolts to use that are long enough to use this system til ball lock bolts are available?