Vise plan build question

Those who made the fireball tool vise from the plans, what size tubing did you use? I work at a steel distributor and finding the moving jaw tube size of 3.5”x2.5” is not common here. What have you used if it wasn’t that size. figuring it goes into a 4x3 i thought of using square tubing as I can get 3x3 inside of 4x4 1/2” wall. 3x3 can be 1/8-3/8 so either 1/4 or 3/8 wall. I’m not sure how this would effect the build, i’m looking at the plans and i can only really think that it’ll effect the end caps obviously and how it’s welded to the jaws.

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Yep, any combination of telescopic tubes would work if it is a snug and nice.

If nesting tubes are hard to find you could make your own with flat plate. Same as Jeremy Schmidt does for his tool mount on the belt grinder.